Alphabetical Speaker Index – 2018

Index of Speakers with VIDEO LINKS in (parens)

Micah Blumberg (Journalist, Researcher, Neurohacker, Founder Silicon Valley Global News) (Video)

Matteo Borri (Robots Everywhere, NASA Contractor) (Video)

Ashley Boyd (VP Advocacy, Mozilla Foundation) (Video)

Barrett Brown (Author of the upcoming book: My Glorious Defeats: Hacktivist, Narcissist, Anonymous: A Memoir. Co-founder of the Pursuance Project and a Former Political Prisoner.) (Saturday afternoon Video) (Saturday evening video w/TrevorTimm)

Bernice Chua  (Game and Algorithm Developer)  (Video)

Brewster Kahle (Founder, Internet Archive) (Video, Saturday Evening)

William Clark (Programmer, Year Up Participant) – New Options for Community-Based Education (That Is Also Good For Business) (Video)

Cindy Cohn ( Executive Director, Electronic Frontier Foundation) (Saturday Evening Event)

Erin Gallagher (Multimedia Artist, Writer, Translator, Human Rights & Digital Rights Activist) (Video)

Tatyana Griffin (Educator, Musician, DJ, XR Developer) (Speaking Video) (Tatyana is also Melotronix – who performed at Friday’s Opening Night Party at the DNA Lounge)

Jen Helsby (Lead Developer, SecureDrop) (CTO and co-founder of Lucy Parsons Labs) (Saturday Evening Event)

Tracey Jaquith (Internet Archive’s TV/News Archive) (Saturday w/Brewster – & Video)

Brewster Kahle  (Founder, Internet Archive) (Saturday) (Saturday Evening Event)

Dave Maass (Senior Investigative Researcher, Electronic Frontier Foundation) (Video)

Galen Mancino (Video) – Hyper Local Equity Crowdfunding Program

Chelsea Manning (Network Security & Artifical Intelligence Expert, Transparency Advocate) (Saturday Evening Event)

Freddy Martinez (Director, Lucy Parsons Labs) (Video)

Karissa McKelvey (Digital Democracy, Open Source Developer) (Video & Saturday Evening Event)

Andy McWilliams (Director, (Founder and Director of the ThoughtWorks Arts Residency program, the Art-A-Hack co-creation program, and the Hardware Hack Lab) (Saturday Video & Sunday Video)

Danny O’Brien (International Director, Electronic Frontier Foundation) (Video)

Claire Peters  (Director of Strategy, Pursuance Project) (Video)

Steve Phillips (Privacy software developer; creator of CrypTag and Cypherpunks Write Code) (Video)

Lisa Rein  (Aaron Swartz Day, Creative Commons, The Swartz-Manning VR Destination, ASD Police Surveillance Project) (Organizer & Host for Entire Event) (Video)

Danielle Robinson, PhD (Dat Project, Code for Science & Society) (Video & Saturday Evening Event)

Tracy Rosenberg (Oakland Privacy) (Saturday)

Ryan Sternlicht  (Educator, Researcher, Advisor & Maker) (Video)

Trevor Timm (Executive Director of the Freedom of the Press Foundation) (Saturday Evening Event video with Barrett Brown)



November 11 2023 – 11 am -6:30 pm PST