Tatyana Griffin

Saturday November 9 – 1:05 pm-1:30 pm

Tatyana Griffin is a Technology Director & Computer Science Educator by day; and an audio engineer, music producer, vocalist, DJ and performer by night. Through these lenses, she continues to explore emerging technologies, and participate in the development, evolution, and integration of XR, VR, and AR. Tatyana brings 15 years of background and experience in Sound Design, and began her journey as a Sound Designer at THQ’s flagship studio Rainbow Studios (in Phoenix, Arizona).

Tatyana transitioned from the gaming industry into education research and immersive and interactive media development, when she joined the SMALLab K12 Embodied and Mediated Learning research group at the School of Arts Media + Engineering — a transdisciplinary digital media program Arizona State University that paired artists, engineers, cognitive scientists, dancers, and other brilliant minds to explore how technology can improve the human condition.

Over the last decade, Tatyana has facilitated workshops and presented nationally and locally around the topics of Educational Technology, Interactive Media, Game Design, and beyond. Since moving to the Bay Area, she has been working in K12 MakerSpaces, and inspiring young minds to create the transformative technologies and programs that will perhaps one day save the world. She
balances this with her own interactive media installations and musical compositions.


November 12-13 2022 at the Internet Archive