Bernice Chua

Bernice Anne W. Chua is an indie videogame developer and founder of Chua Productions, who happens to lend their talent to self-driving car simulations and who dabbles with AI.

Bernice graduated from UC Davis, and used to work in I.T., until deciding that it’s more fun to just make videogames.

They are based in San Francisco, and they are an active contributor to the Noisebridge hackerspace, specifically in:

— helping to teach in Noisebridge’s videogame development workshop called Gamebridge Unityversity.

— building and maintaining the Noisebridge Gaming Archivists Livestreaming Arcade Cabinet.

— Noisebridge’s events support and Noisebridge’s outreach.

— created the meetup group to help jobhunters (the Whiteboarding & Algorithms Self-directed Workshop).

— miscellaneous creative projects, like art, laser cutting, and creating cosplay.

If Bernice is not working on their videogames, learning AI, and on Noisebridge activities, they are doing outreach and activities that help promote local indie videogame developers like talk to organizers of conventions to add an indie games section.

Bernice can be found in the wild going to Maker Faire, going to conventions and conferences related to indie videogames, and going to other types of tech conventions, conferences, events, and meetups.

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Invitation to the Chua Productions Discord server:

Come join Bernice at the makerspace that they go to! ^_^

November 13, 2021 (Online)