Aaron Swartz Day 2023: A Day of Intimate Virtual Talks

When: Saturday November 11, 2023

Time: 11am – 6:30pm PST

Where: Online – Link to livestream:




As always, our speakers this year will be talking about whatever they feel is most important…   

And we will always have time to answer questions from chat, after the talk.

We are also featuring a special presentation by members of Brazil’s Aaron Swartz Institute at 2pm

Note: As of Wednesday Nov 8 – we are still adding the talk titles, descriptions and bio pages – but all should be up very soon.

Speaker Schedule (starts at 11 am):

11:00 am: 

Cory Doctorow, Science fiction novelist, journalist and technology activist

“Interop and Antitrust Are Having a Moment”

11:30 am: 

Riya Abraham, Signal

“Thank you for the feedback. An honor to hear voices.”

12 pm:

Cindy Cohn, Executive Director, EFF

“Coders Rights 2023 – Update on the Legal Issues”

12:20 pm: 

Alexis Hancock, Director of Engineering, Certbot, EFF

“The Last Mile of Encryption for All”

12:40 pm: 

Brewster Kahle, Internet Archive

“Thinking of Aaron Swartz: Bringing Serials Online
Open Access, the power of ILL, what about AI?”


Peter Wang, CEO, Anaconda, Physicist, Astronomer 

Here’s Peter’s Dweb talk: “AI: Ethical Path’s Forward“)


1:30 pm:

This year’s “State of the Drop” (on SecureDrop) from the Freedom of the Press Foundation’s Kevin O’Gorman

2 pm: Andre Vinicius Leal Sobral, from Brazil’s Aaron Swartz Institute, presents his research on Aaron’s writings:

“Aaron Swartz: An Interrupted Social Theory”   

Plus more updates and videos from members of the Aaron Swartz Institute about all the fantastic digital education projects they have going in Brazil.

3:10 pm: 

Wren Kominos, Radical Librarian and Digital Privacy Advocate with Library Freedom Project

“Building Local Power for Libraries”

3:30 pm: 

Mikayla Maki, Software Engineer @ zed.dev

“What transitioning my gender taught me about software engineering”

4 pm:  

Quinn Wilton, Collector of Dead Languages @ Fission:

“The Tamagotchi in my Hands: Anarcho-transhumanist Biohacking”

4:40 pm:  

Grant Ellis

“Disinformation in the age of war: a real time case study”

5:00 pm: 

Michael “Mek” Karpeles

“Open Library: Aaron’s Legacy”

5:20 pm: 

Ian Linkletter, Emerging Technology and Open Education Librarian at the British Columbia Institute of Technology:

“Still Standing in Defence of Students” 

5:40 pm:

Tracey Jaquith, Internet Archive

“What’s on TV?
An editor and 2 robots walk into a bar…”

6 pm:

Ryan Sternlicht, Aaron Swartz Day & Noisebridge

“The next layer of reality: A big step forward?”

November 11 2023 – 11 am -6:30 pm PST