Jan 6 Insurrection In the Context of Aaron’s Political Writings (Episode 3)

We will join Lisa Rein and Andre Vinicius Leal Sobral from Brazil’s Aaron Swartz Institute, as we discuss the January 6 Insurrection in the context of Aaron’s political writings.

Also our special guest will be Tracy Rosenberg from Oakland Privacy and the Aaron Swartz Police Surveillance Project.

Index of this show:

Start of Andre Sobral’s presentation 3:02

Tracy. Rosenberg, Oakland Privacy 1:02:32

Grant Ellis: Revenge Porn Legislation passed in Massachusets 1:33:34  (also a brilliant and fast “how to” for understand the editing colors for a bill being worked on)

Statement by Lindsey Gaetani 1:40:08


This show happened at 2pm PST/7pm UTC on Saturday, March 30th.

The next podcast will at be 2pm PST/7pm UTC on Saturday, April 20th.