Tracey Jaquith

Video from Aaron Swartz Day 2019 – Pods, Pods, & Diversity at the Internet Archive (Video: YouTube, Internet Archive)

Tracey Jaquith TV Architect

Tracey was the founding coder and system architect for Internet Archive in 1996. Recently, she rewrote Archive’s TV recording system to an opensource single server system, capable of 75 simultaneous 24×7 channels, made the TV site “full stack”, and
brought website to “version 2”.  Tracey currently focuses on dev ops, video, audio, and AR/VR/3D. She is leading the Archive’s conversion to Docker and Kubernetes.

Tracey is on the development team for the Swartz-Manning Virtual Reality Destination.

Tracey holds degrees in computer science from Cornell University where she focused on machine vision and robotics.

Outside of work, she has worked on political campaigns and is a road biker, seamstress, video producer, wannabe guitar player, and time-lapse digital photography enthusiast. She adores her longhaired, beautiful, clawed ball of fluff at home and defies her diagnosed cat allergy. Tracey Jaquith @tracey_pooh

Virtual Hackathon Starts November 7, 2020