Speaker Videos – ASD 2022

Speaker Videos – Aaron Swartz Day 2022

These videos are available under this license:

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There are both YouTube and Internet Archive links for all speaker videos. If you wish to download the talk, use the Internet Archive link.

 Speakers in alphabetical order:

Aaron Swartz Institute – Ana Freitas and M. Toledo

Ana Freitas and M. Toledo (Aaron Swartz Day Institute – Brazil)
Introducing Brazil’s new “Aaron Swartz Institute”

YouTube  –  Internet Archive


Kaylea Champion

Kaylea Champion
The Value of Anonymity: Evidence from Wikipedia

YouTube  –  Internet Archive


Cindy Cohn (EFF)

Cindy Cohn (Executive Director, EFF)
“Coders Rights 2022 – Update on the Legal Issues”

YouTube  –  Internet Archive


Molly de Blanc (EFF)

Molly de Blanc (EFF)
My (Extended) Body, My Choice

YouTube  –  Internet Archive


Cory Doctorow

Cory Doctorow (Author and Activist)
Giving Exploited Artists More Copyright Is Like Giving Bullied Schoolkids More Lunch Money

YouTube  –  Internet Archive


Grant Smith Ellis

Grant Smith Ellis (Chairperson of the Board, MassCann – Legal Intern at the Parabola Center)
“Cannabis and social equity; weaponizing the Overton Window to beat agents of corporate regulatory capture at their own game”

YouTubeInternet Archive


Ben Goering

Ben Goering
RSS -> twitter.com -> ActivityPub: Locking the [social] Web Open”

YouTube  –  Internet Archive


Mark Graham

Mark Graham (Director, Wayback Machine)
“Archives in a time of war. Illuminating signals in the noise”

YouTube  –  Internet Archive


Alexis Hancock (EFF)

Alexis Hancock (Director of Engineering, Certbot, EFF)
“HTTPS Everywhere project (a project Aaron worked on) and the future of encryption on the Internet”

YouTube  –  Internet Archive


Liz Henry

Liz Henry (Disability Technology Foundation)
Introducing DTF: Disability Technology Foundation

YouTube  –  Internet Archive


Tracey Jaquith

Tracey Jaquith (Founding Coder, Internet Archive) (in person)
“Blogs & Websites from Markdown & JS; Content first, Decentralizable, Archivable”

YouTube  –  Internet Archive


Brewster Kahle

Brewster Kahle (Founder, Internet Archive)  (in person)
“Introducing Democracy’s Library”

YouTube   –   Internet Archive


Michael “Mek” Karpeles

Michael “Mek” Karpeles (Open Library) (remotely)
“Why I Still Work On Open Library”

(coming soon)


Peter Kaufman

Peter Kaufman (Author and MIT Open Learning)
“Opening the Doors”

YouTube  –  Internet Archive


Charles E. Lehner

Charles E. Lehner (Member of the W3C DID Working Group)
“Intro to W3C VCs and DIDs”

YouTube  –  Internet Archive


Ian Linkletter

Ian Linkletter (Librarian and Technologist)
“Standing Tall Against Academic Surveillance”

YouTube  –  Internet Archive


Beryl Lipton

Beryl Lipton (Investigative Researcher, EFF) (remotely)
Introduction to the Atlas of Surveillance (Hackathon project)

YouTube  –  Internet Archive


Chelsea Manning

Chelsea Manning (Author, DJ, and Activist)

YouTube  –  Internet Archive


Noah from Bad Apple and Priveasy

Noah from Priveasy
“Introducing Bad Apple and Retrofit Privacy”

A collection of footnotes from a privacy-conscious developer on the modern internet.

YouTube  –  Internet Archive


Danny O’Brien

Danny O’Brien (Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web)
“The Moment”

YouTube  –  Internet Archive


Kevin O’Gorman – SecureDrop

Kevin O’Gorman, of The Freedom of the Press Foundation’s SecureDrop Team, giving this year’s “State of the Drop.”

YouTube  –  Internet Archive


Vahid Razavi

Vahid Razavi (Activist, Ethics In Tech)

“Women, Life, Freedom, Digital rights, Press Freedom under the Islamic Republic”

YouTube  –  Internet Archive


Tracy Rosenberg

Tracy Rosenberg (ASDPSP, Oakland Privacy)
What Are Out of State Abortion-Seekers (and Other Medical Care) Up Against?  …And What Can We Do To Help Them

 YouTube  –  Internet Archive


Mark Seiden

Mark Seiden (Internet Archive)
Predators” – How to tell someone had an abortion from data flows (and what can be done about it)



Ryan Sternlicht

Ryan Sternlicht  (VR Developer & Educator)

“The Next Layer of Reality: (Motion)- Physical Movement with a non physical body”

YouTube  –  Internet Archive


Mai Sutton

Mai Sutton (Co-founder, COMPOST Magazine)
“Values of the Decentralized Web”

YouTube  –  Internet Archive


Kat Walsh and Lisa Rein

Kat Walsh (General Counsel, Creative Commons) and
Lisa Rein (Co-founder, Creative Commons & Aaron Swartz Day)
“The Past and Future of Creative Commons”

YouTube  –  Internet Archive

Quinn Wilton

Quinn Wilton (in person)
Postmodern Systems

YouTube  –  Internet Archive


November 11 2023 – 11 am -6:30 pm PST