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Episode 5: Censorship and the TikTok Ban

Here is Episode 5 of The Aaron Swartz Podcast

The title "The Aaron Swartz Podcast" and "Episode 5" with a photo of Aaron Swartz. This is for Episode 5 of the Mindplex Podcast with Lisa Rein and Andre Sobral.








Lisa Rein gives a brief outline of the TikTok ban situation.

Andre goes deeper into the concept of censorship, what it is, what motivates it, who does it, what is necessary to enforce it.

Then he explores some cases of censorship and bring in Aaron’s thoughts on the matter, including:

-one text about how a wireless device could help make us more resilient against it.

-one text about how moralism is responsible for validating censorship.

-one text that is a part of a interview where Aaron speaks about censorship and how deplorable it is.

-one text about how a mechanism such as the wayback machine can help to fight against censorship.

Episode 4 of the Aaron Swartz Podcast: Elections & Deep Fakes

Great show today with Andre Sobral, Tracey Jaquith and Lisa Rein. Recording here:

Today we will be discussing this year’s presidential election and the issue of deep fakes – within the context of Aaron’s political writings on democracy and elections on his blog.


Lisa Rein (Co-founder Aaron Swartz Day)

Andre Sobral (Brazil’s Aaron Swartz Institute)

Special guest at 3pm:

Tracey Jaquith from the Internet Archive’s TV/News Archive will give us a tour and show us how to use the TV/News Archive for fact checking and cross referencing news sources.

Tracey Jaquith, Founding Coder, Internet Archive Co-founder, TV/News Archive



Jan 6 Insurrection In the Context of Aaron’s Political Writings (Episode 3)

We will join Lisa Rein and Andre Vinicius Leal Sobral from Brazil’s Aaron Swartz Institute, as we discuss the January 6 Insurrection in the context of Aaron’s political writings.

Also our special guest will be Tracy Rosenberg from Oakland Privacy and the Aaron Swartz Police Surveillance Project.

Index of this show:

Start of Andre Sobral’s presentation 3:02

Tracy. Rosenberg, Oakland Privacy 1:02:32

Grant Ellis: Revenge Porn Legislation passed in Massachusets 1:33:34  (also a brilliant and fast “how to” for understand the editing colors for a bill being worked on)

Statement by Lindsey Gaetani 1:40:08


This show happened at 2pm PST/7pm UTC on Saturday, March 30th.

The next podcast will at be 2pm PST/7pm UTC on Saturday, April 20th.

The First Aaron Swartz Podcast

We are live now:

"The Aaron Swartz Podcast" with a photo of Aaron Swartz

TODAY Saturday, January 13th at 2pm PST for our first Aaron Swartz Podcast.

We will have Andre Vinicius Leal Sobral of Brazil’s Aaron Swartz Institute and Timid Robot from Creative Commons.

Today, we will go back and discuss what exactly happened to Aaron. 

Then we will start taking a deeper look into his life, accomplishments and motivations.

There will be constant Q and A the whole time. Part of the reason we are doing this is to take the time to answer everyone’s questions.

See you soon.