It’s the Sixth Anniversary of the death of our friend, Aaron Swartz

For the first time ever, we are having an event on this day, January 11, 2019 – and providing a little Q & A session to help explain things to our community.

Remembering our friend and letting him inspire us makes us stronger and more determined than ever to help people all over the world.

The Q & A session over vegan pizza will begin around 7:30pm. Ryan Shapiro, of Property of the People will be our special guest. (Property of the People has a FOIA Lawsuit against the Federal Government in an attempt access more of Aaron’s FBI file.)

Raw Thought” – a musical artistic thought-provoking combination of DJs (Mochipet w a live drummer, Tha Spyryt, Ozlo Glowing and Cain MacWitish), visuals on many screens by Projekt Seahorse, an immersive art installation by Grumpy Green, historical collages by the Swartz-Manning VR Museum Team, and a Psychedelic Chill room. The fun starts before 10 sometime and goes till 2am.

We hope to see you tonight!

And now, please read more about Mochipet and his love of modular synths.  Mochipet will be performing tonight at our Raw Thought event, after the Q & A.