Raw Thought

New! May 12, 2019 – By Cain MacWitish:

Raw Thought was the name of Aaron’s prolific blog, and one of the main goals of these events – besides providing a great place to meet people and dance – is to continue to spread Aaron’s knowledge and ideas to a larger audience.

Raw Thought is a monthly dance event at the Above DNA Lounge – with a big room in front and a Psychedelic Chill Room in back, and DJs going, simultaneously, in both, from 10pm-2am.

Each Raw Thought features the sounds of some combination of the the “Raw Thought Crew” – Six DJs with varying styles and flavors; all very experimental and progressive in nature. Some of them have more than one persona :)

Mochipet                               Melotronix                               Tha Spyryt

mangangs                          AilzOzlo Glowing                 Cain MacWitish

Also featured are freshly generated, mind bending visuals courtesy of Projekt Seahorse. (Here’s a clip of Projekt Seahorse performing with Tha Spyryt at the Internet Archive from November 10, 2018.)

Artwork by Grumpy Green.

Also featured in the Chill Room is an art installation by Grumpy Green.

Here is a great interview with Grumpy Green in Mondo2000 to learn more about their incredible creations.

In the fall of 2018, a group of Aaron Swartz-inspired DJs circling Noisebridge convinced us to have a dance night at the DNA Lounge in celebration of Aaron as an “Opening Night Party” to our Sixth Annual Aaron Swartz Day.

As a result, November 9, 2018 became the historic date of the very first “Raw Thought at the DNA Lounge.”  (Here’s Tha Spyryt’s set from that night!) It was so awesome we all decided to keep doing it, once a month, in 2019.

The next Raw Thought is Friday, March 8, 2019, from 9pm-2am.

Raw Thought at the DNA Lounge happens every second Friday:

January 11    –      March 8      –      April 12

LINK to Facebook Event Page (hah! :-)

We will move forward together and make the world better!
No one can stop us <3

Raw Thought is every second Friday at the DNA Lounge.

Next show March 8 2019. See you there!

November 11 2023 – 11 am -6:30 pm PST