Episode 5: Censorship and the TikTok Ban

Here is Episode 5 of The Aaron Swartz Podcast


The title "The Aaron Swartz Podcast" and "Episode 5" with a photo of Aaron Swartz. This is for Episode 5 of the Mindplex Podcast with Lisa Rein and Andre Sobral.








Lisa Rein gives a brief outline of the TikTok ban situation.

Andre goes deeper into the concept of censorship, what it is, what motivates it, who does it, what is necessary to enforce it.

Then he explores some cases of censorship and bring in Aaron’s thoughts on the matter, including:

-one text about how a wireless device could help make us more resilient against it.

-one text about how moralism is responsible for validating censorship.

-one text that is a part of a interview where Aaron speaks about censorship and how deplorable it is.

-one text about how a mechanism such as the wayback machine can help to fight against censorship.