Two New Talks Added to Privacy-enabling Mini-Con, Courtesy of the EFF!

Just Added! On Saturday, the Electronic Frontier Foundation will be participating in the Privacy-enabling Mini-Conference going on at the San Francisco Aaron Swartz Day Hackathon:

At 1pm, Cooper Quintin, Staff Technologist for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, will talk about the what, where, and how of Privacy Badger, EFF’s privacy-enhancing creepy-tracker-blocking browser extension. Come learn how you’re being tracked online, and how you can use Privacy Badger to take back your privacy as you browse the web.  (People will also be hacking on Privacy Badger at the SF Hackathon.)

At 4pm, Brad Warren, a Let’s Encrypt Developer, will present Let’s Encrypt, a joint project between the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Mozilla, Akami, Cisco, the University of Michigan, and open-source developers around the world. Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated Certificate Authority which anyone can use to quickly, easily, and securely set up HTTPS on their website in minutes–and the best part is you don’t even need to be a cryptographer or an experienced sysadmin to use it! In his talk, Brad will explain why setting up HTTPS is so difficult without Let’s Encrypt, how Let’s Encrypt is different, and how you can use Let’s Encrypt to secure your website and help bring the world one step closer to a completely encrypted web.

RSVP to the Privacy-Enabling Mini-Con (or the SF Hackathon).

It is likely the live event (at 7:30 pm on November 7th) will be sold out. Get your moderately priced or free ticket now. Thanks! :-)