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The Internet Archive is hosting a two-day hackathon, on Saturday and Sunday, November 7th and 8th (Aaron’s Birthday). It goes from 10am-6pm, on Saturday and 11am-5pm, on Sunday.

The focus of the hackathon will be SecureDrop, the whistleblower submission system originally created by Aaron just before he passed away.

The hackathon will be led by SecureDrop lead developer Garrett Robinson and there will be several members of the Freedom of the Press Foundation team on hand to answer any questions. If you’d like the prepare for working on SecureDrop at the hackathon, you can review the SecureDrop Github page and open issues by going here.

There are other projects being worked on at the hackathon as well, including:

The Internet Archive’s OpenArchive Secure Mobile App                      Natalie Cadranel, the founder,  and other supporters of the OpenArchive project,  will be there, ready to collaborate with folks. This is your chance to get your hands on the code and contribute to the Internet Archive’s first secure, open-source mobile application, uniting their efforts with Tor and Creative Commons.

The EFF’s Privacy Badger  (The EFF is also presenting on Saturday at 1pm on Privacy Badger at the Privacy-enabling Mini-Conference going on upstairs.)

There are other Projects To Hack On too.


Location:                                                                                                                             The Internet Archive                                                                                                  300 Funston Ave, San Francisco, CA 94118

The hackathon will be going on downstairs on the main floor, and a privacy-enabling mini-conference will be going on upstairs in the Internet Archive’s Great Room.

Food and refreshments will be provided so you can take either take tutorials all day or work intensely throughout the day at the hackathon. The idea is that, if you’re coming from far away, and money is tight, all you’ll need is a place to stay Saturday night, and all your food will be taken care of. (Yes vegetarian and vegan options :-)

Starting at 10am on Saturday, Privacy-enabling software Tutorials will be going on upstairs, while the hackathon is going on downstairs.

From 5-6 Saturday and from 4-5 Sunday, there will be 5 and 10 minutes Lightning Talks upstairs in the Great Room for people wanting to reach out to the community about their various projects or software endeavors.

Here is more information about the Privacy-enabling conference that’s going on upstairs at the same time as the hackathon.

RSVP for the tutorials, the hackathon, or both here.

Hackathon and Mini-conference contact:                                                        Lisa Rein (

November 5-6, 2016