Come to This Year’s Aaron Swartz Day and International Hackathon

Aaron Swartz Day 2022

November 12-13 (Saturday & Sunday)

Internet Archive – San Francisco


Speaker Schedule now here!



Photo: Fred Benenson CC-BY 2.0

Planning for 2023:

The 10 year anniversary of Aaron’s death.


Speakers this year (so far) include:

Cory Doctorow (Author and Activist) (remotely)
“Giving Exploited Artists More Copyright Is Like Giving Bullied Schoolkids More Lunch Money”

Chelsea Manning (Author, DJ, and Activist) (remotely)

Cindy Cohn (Executive Director, EFF) (in person)
“Coders Rights 2022 – Update on the Legal Issues”

Brewster Kahle (Founder, Internet Archive)  (in person)
“Introducing Democracy’s Library”

Kat Walsh (General Counsel, Creative Commons) and
Lisa Rein (Co-founder, Creative Commons & Aaron Swartz Day)
“The Past and Future of Creative Commons”

Tracey Jaquith (Founding Coder, Internet Archive) (in person)
Blogs & Websites from Markdown & JS; Content first, Decentralizable, Archivable

Mark Graham (Director, Wayback Machine) (in person)
“Archives in a time of war. Illuminating signals in the noise”

Aaron Swartz Day Police Surveillance Project’s “Bad Apple” Team (all of them) (in person)

Noah from Priveasy
“Introducing Bad Apple and Retrofit Privacy”

The Freedom of the Press Foundation’s SecureDrop Team
(all of them – mostly in person)
(giving this year’s “State of the Drop”)

Members of the new “Aaron Swartz Institute” in Brazil (remotely)

Tracy Rosenberg (ASDPSP, Oakland Privacy) (in person)
What Are Out of State Abortion-Seekers (and Other Medical Care) Up Against?
…And What Can We Do To Help Them

Liz Henry (DIFxTech) (in person)
Introducing DTF: Disability Technology Foundation

Danny O’Brien (in person)

Mai Sutton (Co-founder, COMPOST Magazine) (remotely)

Michael “Mek” Karpeles (Open Library) (remotely)

Alexis Hancock (Director of Engineering, Certbot, EFF) (remotely)

Molly de Blanc (EFF) (in person)
My (Extended) Body, My Choice

Beryl Lipton (Investigative Researcher, EFF) (remotely)
Introduction to the Atlas of Surveillance (Hackathon project)

Kaylea Champion (remotely)
The Value of Anonymity: Evidence from Wikipedia

Madison Vialapando (remotely)

Ben Goering (remotely)
RSS -> -> ActivityPub: Locking the [social] Web Open”

Charles E. Lehner (Member of the W3C DID Working Group) (remotely)
“Intro to W3C VCs and DIDs”

Ryan Sternlicht (remotely)

Grant Smith Ellis (Chairperson of the Board, MassCann – Legal Intern at the Parabola Center (in person)
“Cannabis and social equity; weaponizing the Overton Window to beat agents of corporate regulatory capture at their own game”

Quinn Wilton (in person)
Postmodern Systems

Ian Linkletter (remotely)
“Standing Tall Against Academic Surveillance”

Peter Kaufman (MIT Open Learning) (in person)



If you’re interested in contributing to SecureDrop (an open source whistleblower submission platform originally developed by Aaron), members of the team will be available to support you, both in person and via the project’s Gitter chatroom.

There will be several hackathons going on around the world, besides San Francisco! So far, there are several in Brazil, and two in New Zealand.

There’s plenty of time to organize one in your town, and we can probably help you with the details and promotion – and of course everyone there could work on the same hackathon projects as here in San Francisco.

So, let us know on the form if you are interested in having a hackathon in your city.




  • Doors open 10 am
  • Talks & hackathon 11 am – 6 pm
  • Party 6 pm-11 pm


  • Doors open at 10 am
  • Talks & hackathon 11 am – 6 pm
  • Party 6 pm-9 pm


  • Admission is FREE, but please REGISTER – after reading the COVID POLICY
  • This event will be livestreamed and the links for each day will be here:

  • Hackathon starts at 10 am Saturday – goes till 11 pm Saturday night (when the party ends).
  • Sunday it starts at 11 am, and ends at 9 pm (when the party ends).
  • Talks go from 10 am – 6 pm Saturday and 11 am – 6 pm on Sunday.
  • There will be an in person party both nights: Saturday 6 pm – 11pm, Sunday 6 pm – 9 pm.
  • Here’s the link to register – please register ahead of time, as that will help us be sure to have enough food ^_^
  • There will be a live webcast of the entire event.
  • Food & drinks will be provided for everyone for the whole weekend, so if you can get to San Francisco, and have a place to crash, we got you for all of your meals for the entire weekend.
  • This event will be both in person and virtual and we encourage folks from around the world to give in person and virtual talks on whatever they feel is most important.
  • We are also planning activities for ALL NEXT YEAR, since it will be the 10th Anniversary of Aaron’s Death – come present your idea (in person or virtually)
  • Use this form to submit talk proposals – talks are 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes – for the talk itself – and there will ALWAYS be 5 minutes scheduled after every speaker to leave room for Q and A.

Covid Policy:

  • For the in person event, we will require proof of up to date vaccination (including at least one booster received in the past year) and will also be testing everyone before they enter the building – on both days.
  • Masks will be required indoors for all attendees, all weekend. Masks must be worn over the nose and mouth. We will have masks on site if you forget one.
  • In person speakers may remove their masks while on stage.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner, and beverages, will be provided all weekend. However, to be safe, all food must be consumed in one of the outside eating areas.
  • We will have heaters in the outside patio area (available to  registered and tested guests only).
  • BRING A COAT – and probably A HAT – so you will be comfortable walking around outside.
  • We will have hacker-built HEPA filters in the downstairs hackathon area, immediately in front of the stages and in the front foyer of the building, where the food and bathrooms are.
  • If you need lift your mask up very quickly to take a swig of water, while you watching talks indoors, this will be permitted, within reason :-)

November 11 2023 – 11 am -6:30 pm PST