Come to this year’s Aaron Swartz Day and International Hackathon


This year we are celebrating whistleblowers and hackers that work hard to make the world a better place, and, specifically, the “SecureDrop,” anonymous whistleblower submission system, now at the Freedom of the Press Foundation (originally prototyped by Aaron and Kevin Poulsen).

There’s also an “Encryption Training for Beginners” day going on in San Francisco, upstairs all day, at the SF Hackathon. (See below for more details.)

Now, thanks to SecureDrop, whistleblowers can connect directly, safely and anonymously to news organizations, such as the Washington Post, Guardian, The Intercept, the New York, Gawker, and other news outlets.

Evening speakers include:  Garrett Robinson (Lead Developer, SecureDrop), Alison Macrina (Library Freedom Project), Brewster Kahle (Digital Librarian, Internet Archive), Cindy Cohn (Executive Director, Electronic Frontier Foundation), Micah Lee (Co-founder, Board Member, and Technologist at “The Intercept,”) Jacob Appelbaum (Wikileaks volunteer, Security Expert/Citizen Four, Tor Project), and John Perry Barlow (EFF and Freedom of the Press Foundation co-founder) and Special Guests.  See more details in the INVITATION.

In San Francisco, at the hackathon, there will be a mini-conference for beginners to receive training on encryption and privacy-enabling software.

In the morning, the Keybase folks will be giving tutorials on encryption basics and tools that you can use to protect your privacy.

In the afternoon, Micah Lee, Technologist for The Intercept and The Freedom of the Press Foundation, with be giving his “Encryption for Journalists” tutorials. Then Micah will give tutorials on OnionShare (a P2P-based anonymous whistleblowing submission platform) and SecureDrop. Details on mini-conference/hackathon