12 Cities Confirmed For This Year’s Aaron Swartz Hackathon

Aaron Swartz Hackathon GitHub site:

Most hackathons are November 8-9, 2014 – specific dates and locations up soon!

New! Austin! Added October 28th – Now 12 Cities!

Austin – Contact: Shanta Stevens aethyrflux@gmail.com                       (at atx hackerspace)

Berlin – Contact: Samuel Carlisle samuelcarlisle@gmail.com

Boston – Contact: Ali Hashmi a_hashmi@media.mit.edu or Adrienne Debigare Adrienne.Debigare@globe.com   /Center for Civic Media, MIT Media Lab, Wiesenr Building, E15, Room 345, 20 Ames Street, Cambridge, MA, 02139, Nov 8, 10:00-20:00 Saturday.

Buenos Aires – Contact: Nicolas Reynolds fauno@endefensadelsl.org /Aristóbulo del Valle 1851, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina. the hackathon will be held from saturday 8th, 4pm until sunday morning

Houston – Contact: Jeff Richman jeff@januaryadvisors.com

Kathmandu – Contact: Shritesh Bhattarai shritesh@shritesh.com

Los Angeles – Contact: Sterling crispin sterlingcrispin@gmail.com

Magdeburg – Contact: Katha k_holstein@web.de or Alex alex@netz39.de   /Friday – Sunday afternoon, maybe with some breaks in the early morning. Location is our hackerspace Netz39, Leibnizstraße 32, Magdeburg, Germany.

New York City – Contact: Jared Hatch jhatch@thoughtworks.com /Thoughtworks 99 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016

Oakland, CA – Contact: Phil Wolff pwolff@gmail.com /Sudo Room 4799 Shattuck Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

Oxford – Contact: Matt Ellen Matthew.ellen@gmail.com /OxHack which is inside OVADA, 14a Osney Lane, OX1 1NJ

San Francisco – Contact: Noah Swartz, swartzcr@gmail.com /Internet Archive 300 Funston Ave, San Francisco, CA 94118