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15 MIT Websites Hacked In Honor Of The Second Anniversary of Aaron’s Death

OpAaronSwartz: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Subdomains Hacked

From the January 3, 2015 opaaronswartz-MITHackRead article:

A hacker going with the handle of @ulzr1z on Twitter has hacked and partially defaced fifteen sub-domains of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) website amid Swartz death anniversary.

The attack was conducted under the banner of #OpAaronSwartz where hacker left a message in support of Aaron Hillel Swartz on several sub-domains of the MIT’s Lab.

Links of all targeted domains along with their mirrors as a proof of hack are available here.

This is not the first time when MIT websites are under attack in support of Aaron Swartz. Last year Anonymous hackers hacked the MIT website to mark first death anniversary of Aaron Swartz. Anonymous also hacked U.S. Justice Department Website and left a warning message over Aaron Swartz’s death.

@ulzr1z also posted an inside screenshot of WordPress content management system of the MIT website as a proof.