“State of Privacy” Website – Courtesy of the Los Angeles Aaron Swartz Day Hackathon

stateofprivacyMade by Sterling Crispin and Joe Cuanan during the 2014 Los Angeles Aaron Swartz Hackathon.

The State of Privacy.com

From Los Angeles Hackathon Organizer Sterling Crispin:

Here’s what we built. Hopefully people will share it and it will have some impact.

It’s a website campaign designed to educate people about their personal data privacy and smart phones, which concludes with some direct action items suggesting people at least password lock and encrypt their phones.

When it comes to app privileges, use your common sense:

  1. When not using features like GPS, bluetooth, WiFi, you should disable them.
  2. When installing a new app, ask yourself “why does this app need these permissions?”
  3. Disable any app permissions and location services that you feel are unnecessary.