Guardian Piece On Ben Wikler and Aaron Swartz’ “Good Fight”

Listen to this: Ben Wikler and Aaron Swartz’s The Good Fight

Wikler’s increasingly popular political podcast tries to ‘inspire people to get involved in stuff that really counts’

By Lilah Raptopoulos for The Guardian

Aaron Swartz and Ben WiklerFrom the Article:
Wikler was close friends with the free-information pioneer Aaron Swartz, who took his life last January – he was facing up to 50 years in prison for allegedly downloading millions of copyrighted academic articles. Wikler and Swartz began The Good Fight’s predecessor, a radio show called the Flaming Sword of Justice, meant to spotlight people making real progressive changes, in January of 2012. Wikler now hosts the show alone, but each episode still evokes Swartz’s quest to empower people and to fight the status quo…

Without a doubt, start with episode 25: Lawrence Lessig, Aaron Swartz, and the Super Pac to end Super Pacs. Then, check out episode 17: the Nanny Uprising, about a group of women who fought to give nannies and other domestic workers basic labor rights they didn’t already have, and episode 26: Pulitzer winner. Undocumented. American, where journalist Jose Antonio Vargas tells his story of coming out as public representative for other undocumented migrants living in America.