Open Library

Here is a clip from Brian Knappenberger’s The Internet’s Own Boy of Aaron explaining the Open Library in his own words.

Title: Open Library

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Open Library is the world’s free digital library with over 2M public domain books and another 500k+ books available to be borrowed and read in the browser. Started circa 2007 by Aaron, the vision of Open Library is to be an open wiki catalog of every work ever published. So far, Open Library has collected information about over 25M book records, empowering readers with data to locate books even when Open Library doesn’t have a digital copy.

Over 100,000 readers borrow books on Open Library each month, but there’s a lot we aspire to do to make our library experience more accessible and useful to readers world-wide. Come join us on Sunday, November 5th and together we’ll turn your ideas and suggestions into empowerment for an international audience.


November 12-13 2022 at the Internet Archive