ASD Solar Survival Project

Welcome to the Aaron Swartz Day Solar Survival Project.

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The Aaron Swartz Day Solar Survival Project #ASD-SSP leverages the expertise of VR Destination Advisory board member Matteo Borri to promote  the invention of technologies built with inexpensive and easy-to-find parts , in order to improve people’s lives. (And save them outright, after a natural disaster, by providing power, Mad Max style, from random batteries found in other devices.)

We started working on this on Sunday, November 5, 2017, at the Aaron Swartz Day Hackathon in San Francisco, CA.

We are lucky to have the expertise of Matteo Borri (second interview) (third interview) of Robots Everywhere LLC, who invents our creations. Aaron Swartz Day Co-founder Lisa Rein handles outreach, coordinating design refinements and managing our production models. She is also spearheading the soldering tutorials in Virtual Reality that will be available at our VR Destination.

Matteo Borri makes lasers and autonomous robots at Robots Everywhere LLC.







We started up an account at Hackaday, and got started on our first creation, a “Vampire Charger.”  

It was chosen as a Semi-finalist in the Hackaday #PowerHarvesting Challenge.


Creation #1: The Vampire Charger: takes in any AC or DC voltage that may be findable in an emergency situation and delivers it safely to your USB device.

The Aaron Swartz Day Solar Survival Projects Premiere Project Had Reached the Semi-Finals in the #Hackaday #PowerHarvester #Challenge


Soon, we will have a whole separate website up for our #SolarSurvival projects – including a solar powered cell phone charger.

Everything we make is easy to make with inexpensive parts. That’s part of the fun – accessibility and simplicity of design.

We will be putting up more tutorials here and at our Hackaday account, and we are even working on soldering tutorials as a joint project with the team working on our VR Destination.


November 11 2023 – 11 am -6:30 pm PST