Matteo Borri

Matteo Borri will be speaking around noon at the San Francisco Event at the Internet Archive on November 9, 2019.

Matteo Borri is an inventor and engineer in San Rafael, California that is currently working with NASA and the Mars Society. His chlorophyll detector will be included on the equivalent of the next Mars Rover.

Matteo’s company, Robots Everywhere LLC, has been promoting cloudless automation since 2009 in a bid to keep the user in control, and has put autonomous vehicles and home manufacturing tools all over the world.

Matteo is an Advisory Board member for the Swartz-Manning VR Destination (a project of Aaron Swartz Day) and the Aaron Swartz Day Solar Survival Project, the technology of which was recently put to the test during the recent power outages in Northern California these past few weeks.

Everyday/Forever (SF Event is November 9, 2019)