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Here is the agenda for our December 5th meeting.

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If you wish to start working on a project – we’re adding contact info to this page for all projects daily. Write us!

Meeting notes from the meeting on November 21, 2020 (no notes from the November 28 meeting)

Index of all meeting notes

Link to all Hackathon and Speaker Talks from November 14, 2020

Hackathoners – you have an ongoing opportunity to share your projects with the community– during our new weekly Aaron Swartz Day virtual meetings.

We will be adding projects every day and listing them here. If you wish to include your project – let us know – and, if you’d like, you can give a little presentation about it, during our super short weekly meetings.

Hackathon Technology Projects:

  1. Lisa Rein,  SwartzManning VR Museum, Art Gallery & Funhouse
  2. Internet Archive, Internet Archive’s Scholar – Help the Internet archive test their latest alpha search tool & give them detailed feedback.
  3. Benjamin Fenigsohm, Papermache – an open access publishing platform that enables students to curate a personal portfolio of completed academic work http://www.papermache.fyi/

  4. Danny O’Brien’s “People’s Pollster” talk from our November 14 event —- Danny can be contacted at danny@spesh.com – and if you don’t hear back let me know and I’ll get his attention. Let’s build this project! Danny is completely open to collaborating on building this project. Now. For realz.
    1. Link from Danny’s talk: https://github.com/rethinkpriorities/rp_2020_benchmarking_poll
    2. Second Link from Danny’s Talk: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5c64375df4e5314e7985012c/t/5f998f048ef3c11dadf5ddc1/1603899141511/Biden+at+%2B9.8+support+nationally+in+Rethink+Priorities+poll,+Dems+%2B5.3+for+Congress.pdf
    3. Note that Aaron Swartz did this for real; and had an actual prototype that gave reasonably good results. So if you want to follow in Aaron’s footsteps, here’s your chance.  It could be super important in the 2022 mid-term elections, and in all elections, moving forward. ok thanks!
  5. Open Library (User Testing, Programming, Writing/Research) The Open Library was created by Aaron Swartz and the Internet Archive, to provide a web page for every book.
  6. Internet Archive Experiments (Programming, User Testing, Writing/Research)  A showcase of community made experiments built with data and services from Archive.org.
  7. Internet Archive APIs 
  8. Priveasy.org – Contact: Noah Troy – email: Admin at Priveasy.org
    1. Priveasy is an open source community-driven internet privacy and security organization.
    2. https://github.com/P5vc/Documentation/blob/master/About/About.md#overview
  9. Your great project here

Hackathon Activism Projects:

  1. Dave Maass, EFF – Atlas of Surveillance – Background
  2. Dave Maass, EFF – Atlas of Surveillance – How volunteers can help crowd source data
  3. Will Howes, Aaron Swartz Timeline Project
  4. Lisa Rein, Aaron Swartz Day Police Surveillance Project  (Writing/Research)
  5. RSS News Reader Revival (Programming, Writing, Research)
  6. The Society LibraryThe Society Library’s mission is to archive and contextualize humanity’s ideas, ideologies, and world-views to present to the public in sincere inquiry after truth, understanding, and education. Our mission is an educational one, therefore we aim to be objective by processing information through an inter-coded content analysis platform to detect and defend against our potential bias as we systematically identify, organize, and present information in the library.
  7. Prisoner Support Training: General support and also tailored to your prisoner
  8. #CloseTheCampsNowJoe (Close the concentration camps project)
  9. Mutual Aid education and setup
  10. Your great project here

November 12-13 2022 at the Internet Archive