Date: November 7, 2019

Location: ThoughtWorks Brisbane Office
Level 19, 127 Creek Street
Brisbane, 4000, Queensland (information) (tickets)

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Where friendly nerds help you secure your stuff
Thursday 7 November 6-8pm

We have an exciting line-up of speakers (see below). We’ll kick off the evening with drinks and pizza, followed by short talks from the speakers, then a relaxed hour in which attendees can move between “bars”. At each bar, attendees can get information or advice from friendly nerds on a topic related to keeping their stuff secure and private – VPN’s, strong passwords and password managers, the Tor browser, encrypted messaging (Signal/Wire), or online tracking and social media privacy.

Aaron Swartz used technology, in brilliant, courageous ways, to empower people by giving them access to information, vehicles for expression, and tools for organising movements. We join in annual events around the world honouring his short life around his birthday.


Andrew Bartlett <> – former Senator and current champion of digital, social, emotional and environmental justice. (also owner of a rockin’ good cafe in Fortitude Valley!)

Rita McIlwraith – Managing Director of cyber security company Paperdog, radio DJ and presenter of a monthly cybersecurity segment for Byron Business radio show. She is motivated and committed to digital rights and civil liberties. Rita is also a keen supporter of community, volunteering her time to community groups for positive change.

Angus Murray – Junior Vice President of the Queensland Council for Civil Liberties and the Chair of Electronic Frontiers Australia’s Policy and Research Committee. He is also a co-founder and Director of The Legal Forecast <>. Angus has a dedicated passion for law and an ability to identify and understand the intricate issues that face ecommerce, intellectual property and the digital world in general.


November 11 2023 – 11 am -6:30 pm PST