Virtual Hackathon FAQ

Updated: October 18, 2020

Contact: (or if you’d prefer encrypted email) – or DM us at @AaronSwartzDay on Twitter

New hackathon starts November 7, 2020!

We will begin adding new projects to this page soon :)

These projects below are from our last virtual hackathon – but they will be going strong in November too :)


Here’s where we continually update specific answers to questions about this hackathon.

    1. Indexed Guide to this Virtual Hackathon
    2. List of Projects for this Virtual Hackathon (updated frequently)
    3. So how does this work?
    4. What projects are people working on?
    5. Are there projects that don’t involve programming?

2. So how does this work?

The projects are listed here. We will also have our code for the SwartzManningVR and the code for the Leela Maps application up soon.

Make sure you have both a github account, and a gitter account.

Next create an account at to have access to secure whiteboards, storage drives, and other secure collaborative tools.

You will need to exchange your cryptpad profile URLs with each other in order to load each others’ profiles and add each other as contacts. You can also email your profile URLs to – so we can add you as a contact :)

We will hold a live video meeting on Jitsi at approximately 12pm PST (San Francisco Time Zone) on Saturday June 13th. We will put the link here & tweet it right before noon.

3. Why “RF Edition” – and is it ok to work on non-RF projects?

Both OP25 (works with GNURadio software-defined radio application) and LoRa networks fall under the “RF” umbrella. So, that’s how that started. But the more we learn about RF technologies and the need for community-based secure communication, the more it seemed like our community was perfect for the task.

4. What projects are people working on?

5. Are there projects that don’t involve programming?

Yes! We also wish to use this opportunity to hack on our other cool projects, such as:

More about these projects on the project page.

November 11 2023 – 11 am -6:30 pm PST