Mia Celine

See Mia’s talk: “Aaron Swartz and Decentralization: How Aaron’s past work can guide us towards the decentralization of Web 3.0” at this year’s online event on November 14th.

Aaron Swartz was ahead of his time (understatement of the century). He had an ability to see past the current state of the internet and project what could be. In a world of a billion speakers, how do you find the right person, and who gets control over the ways you find people? We will explore Aaron’s vision of a decentralized web, how much of this has actualized, and ideas that we can continue to nourish in order to create the web we want to live in.

Bio: (MiaKoda Grodsky). MiaKoda is a marketing specialist and content manager based in Asheville, North Carolina. A former web developer and web 3.0 enthusiast, she is intent on switching the advertising model to create infrastructure that rewards creators without the middleman. She is also a musician, yogi, and avid reader.

November 12-13 2022 at the Internet Archive