Metadata Blowout Tool

Project Lead: Lisa Rein –

Project Coordinator: Galen Mancino –

All of the photographs that we’re taking with our phones have geographical location data that isn’t always wiped clean when we upload these photographs to the different social media services, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Let’s build a metadata blow out tool, “Blow Out” for short :-) – that will remove all of the metadata completely – just “blow it out completely” – before uploading our photos to wherever.

Here’s how we’ve thought it through so far.

-it appears that we want to “Blow out” all of the metadata, whether than dink around about which fields we over-write, because you can “miss them” sometimes, and so, since we can just blow that puppy out, it seems like we should.

-java code that runs on Android has been suggested as a simple way to do this

-then perhaps it would be converted in JavaScript so it can run on a web page – and run on all phones (except if it was on a web page, now the web page would have to be trusted in order to be sure that the website itself wasn’t looking at the metadata of your photos :-P)

-then both iphone and android users could use it to clear the metadata before posting it to FB or twitter

-chunk of code #2 – email lisa and ask for it. Can’t upload it here. It’s just a .rar file that a friend thought would be helpful


I’m going to photoshop this image to go with the tool:

November 11 2023 – 11 am -6:30 pm PST