When: November 7, 2019

Where: ThoughtWorks Melbourne
23/303 Collins St, Melbourne (information) (tickets)

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Internet Freedom Hack – Melbourne (Website)


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Where friendly nerds help you secure your stuff
Thursday 7 November 6-8pm

We have an exciting line-up of speakers (see below). We’ll kick off the evening with drinks and pizza, followed by short talks from the speakers, then a relaxed hour in which attendees can move between “bars”. At each bar, attendees can get information or advice from friendly nerds on a topic related to keeping their stuff secure and private – VPN’s, strong passwords and password managers, the Tor browser, encrypted messaging (Signal/Wire), or online tracking and social media privacy.

Aaron Swartz used technology, in brilliant, courageous ways, to empower people by giving them access to information, vehicles for expression, and tools for organising movements. We join in annual events around the world honouring his short life around his birthday.



Lizzie O’Shea <> – named a Human Rights Hero <> by Access Now, Lizzie is a founder and board member of Digital Rights Watch, which advocates for human rights online. She is on the board of the National Justice Project, Blueprint for Free Speech and the Alliance for Gambling Reform, and is the author of Future Histories.

Sam McLean – former National Director of GetUp

Lilly Ryan <> – following a stint as an
academic specialising in the surveillance mechanisms of medieval Europe, Lilly teaches practical tech privacy to the public, giving talks on the history and ethics of technology, She spends her days building and breaking corporate identity systems when she is not waving open source flags or camouflaging herself in libraries!

Glenn Todd <> – activist organiser and digital trainer. Glenn is the founder of ActionSkills. He has been building websites for businesses and community groups for over 18 years and is passionate about empowering people to use technology to solve important problems.

November 11 2023 – 11 am -6:30 pm PST