Hackathons in Brazil

For information about these, please contact:

São Paulo (São Paulo) | 12/11 @ 21h (UTC-3): We’re gonna have a talk in partnership with Dumont Hackerspace at Campus Party (the biggets technology event in Brazil) https://twitter.com/messages/media/1584963432159318020


Fortaleza (Ceará) | 12/11 @ 17h (UTC-3): Projection with Aaron’s quotes, streaming from “Internet’s Own Boy” and a talk;

Barbacena (Minas Gerais) | 12/11 @ 16h (UTC-3): Projection from “Internet’s Own Boy” and a talk;

Manhuaçu (MG )

Porto Alegre (RS)

Natal (RN)

November 11 2023 – 11 am -6:30 pm PST