Virtual Hackathons 101

As yet unannounced: June 13, 2020 will start a two week virtual Aaron Swartz Day International Hackathon with a focus on RF technologies and, as always, community-building :-)

How to get a hold of us: DM to us at @AaronSwartzDay or write to us at AaronSwartzDay at (for a more secure message).


Here’s all you need:  coming soon! This is still unannounced :-)

RF Technologies:

Community Building:

Non-programmer activities:

You don’t have to be a programmer to participate in these hackathons. You can do research, file FOIA requests, write documentation, take & publish notes from the speakers, or work & recruit people to work on some other project of yours you are passionate about or something that strikes you once you get there and have a chance to consider all of the options.

Encourage creative & good hearted individuals you know to come to your event, and emphasize that no one really knows what they’re going to “hack” on really until they get there.

AaronSwartzDay at

As far as hackathon activities go, you have many options:

RF Edition! info will be up soon :)


November 11 2023 – 11 am -6:30 pm PST