Ann Arbor

Screening of The Internet’s Own Boy

Courtesy of Cryptoparty in Ann Arbor, Michigan!

When:  Sunday, November 11, 2018
Time: 2:00pm to 5:00pm

Location: Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room 

Ann Arbor District Library
343 South Fifth Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(734) 327-4200

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Description: The Internet’s Own Boy, directed by Brian Knappenberger, tells the story of Aaron Swartz: A political activist and innovator who put theory into practice, always experimenting and building new tools and methodologies to animate his theory of change. By co-creating platforms like RSS, reddit, Creative Commons, and the technology that became SecureDrop, he helped make information accessible.

But Aaron’s battle for social justice, political organization, and information access ensnared him in a legal nightmare that ended with the taking of his own life. Aaron’s tragic story reminds us what we can lose if we are ignorant of technology and its relationship to civil liberties.  In honor of Aaron Swartz Day, please join us for a screening of The Internet’s Own Boy, followed by a panel discussion about technology and society.

This discussion panel will include:

  • Alex Kourvo, Science Fiction author
  • Allison McDonald, Ph.D. Candidate, EECS, University of Michigan
  • Eli Neiburger, Deputy Director, Ann Arbor District Library
  • Alejo Stark, Michigan Abolition & Prisoner Solidarity

Ann Arbor Cryptoparty:

The Ann Arbor Cryptoparty also holds beginner-friendly privacy workshops where we work with attendees to address privacy and security concerns, giving them the tools and knowledge to better protect themselves. Even if you can’t make the Aaron Swartz Day event, we’d love to see you at our future workshops.

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