Aletheia is a decentralised open access scientific journal. Think of it as a peer to peer (P2P) publishing platform and database all rolled into one.




Contacts: Kade Morton –
Miguel –



Note: People aren’t restricted to these issues. New contributors should head to the Admin Repo, read te READMe and the linked documents. Then they can work on any issue in the Application or Website repositories.

People can try to get the app running and suggest their own issues to fix, or people can reach out to me – – and see what community work can be done like finding funding grants and making applications.

Good Issues For Hackathoners To Work On:

Support Windows –
Installation instructions are not clear regarding the use of IPFS –
Mac OSX npm run ipfs-local fails –
Mac OSX python path needed to be set –
Local changes should not be tracked –
Linux package improvements –
UI for submitting a paper –
UI for the landing page –

November 11 2023 – 11 am -6:30 pm PST