AI for IA

“AI for IA”

Where: San Francisco Hackathon, Internet Archive
When: November 4, 2017

The Internet Archive has a whopping 2M+ hours of television news, complete with closed captioning and fulltext search. With the assistance of artificially intelligence, now Team TV has pushed the limits of the television journalism experience with the Third Eye API.

Third Eye allows you to search the contents of chyrons – the narrative supplemental text that appears on the lower third of TV news screens – in near real time. Now any researcher, journalist, or curious citizen can search through millions of news summaries at nearly real-time speed. Put on your thinking cap and help team
TV build a flagship application capable of informing the public and
surfacing the full potential of Third Eye.

More info here:


  • decentralized research and AI – built on top of a library of stable,
    untampered worldwide TV recordings
  • Absolute browser Privacy
  • no personal data or IP addresses extracted
  • examples of implementing different AI techniques effectively, ethically, and without compromising user privacy whatsoever.
  1. AI for IA – Slides from Mozfest 2017:
  2. YouTube video of miniARchive AR App demo .
  3. Github:


November 11 2023 – 11 am -6:30 pm PST